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Our mission

The Murray School of Irish Dance offers an authentic Irish cultural experience for dancers and musicians of all ages. Our goal is to bring Irish traditions to a new generation, keeping this vibrant culture alive and thriving in the Pacific Northwest. Irish dance is a unique way for students of all ages to develop physical strength and coordination while having fun and making friendships that last a lifetime.


We endeavor to create a safe learning environment for all students through responsibility and mutual respect towards teachers, fellow students and parents in The Murray School and dance community as a whole. 

We welcome students of all levels of dance experience and from all cultural backgrounds to join the Murray team.


geraldine Murray, TCRG

Originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Geraldine Murray, TCRG, is an accomplished and well-known Portland Irish musician and dance teacher. She has been involved in Irish dance and music for over 40 years and is certified by An Coimisiun le Rinci Gaelacha (The Irish Dance Commission) in Dublin, Ireland, since 1995.  She’s a member of the Irish Dance Teachers Association of North America and the Western US Region of Irish Step Dance Teachers where she served on the board of directors as the Western US Regional Secretary for more than seven years. She currently serves as the Western US Regional Representative for the North American Feis Commission and is also a former member of the Portland Ceili Society board of directors.

Geraldine’s mother and paternal grandmother emigrated from County Donegal, Ireland.  Similarly, she was fortunate enough to spend some time living in Ireland. Her Pittsburgh-area family is known for its dedication to keeping alive the traditions of Irish dance, music and culture. Since moving to Portland over 30 years ago, Geraldine has continued that dedication to fostering Irish music, dance and culture in Oregon and southwest Washington, Idaho and the Pacific Northwest. 

Geraldine studied Irish dancing as a child with The Burke School  at The Irish Centre Pittsburgh under the direction of Theresa Burke TCRG, ADCRG. She competed all over the East Coast of the US and Canada and assisted with The Burke School classes in Pittsburgh. She has also studied many other forms of dance including Modern, Ballet, Jazz, Dunham, African and Cuban Dance and holds a BA in Honors Philosophy from Portland State University in Portland, Oregon. Geraldine studied tin whistle under Irish Tin Whistle Master, L.E. McCullough, Ph.D. and performs regularly at local Irish establishments and festivals in the Pacific Northwest and her native Pittsburgh, PA.

Cameron Carlson-Riddle, 5ù CLRG Worlds, 2017

Cameron Carlson-Riddle, 5ù CLRG Worlds, 2017

our dancers

Murray School dancers have competed and placed among the top Irish dancers at competitions in Oregon, around the Western region, at the North American Dance Championships and the World Irish Dance Championships. Our dancers dream big, and they're ready to support tomorrow's Murray School champions.

Since 1998, our dancers have held: 

  • Top 5 solo placement at the World Irish Dance Championships

  • Three 1st place regional championship titles at the Western US Regional Oireachtas

  • Top 5 and Top 10 placements at the North American Irish Dance Championships

  • Numerous top three and top ten team placements at the Western US Regional Oireachtas

  • Numerous recalled and top 30 placements at the World Irish Dance Championships

  • Numerous top solo placements at the Western US Regional Championships, World Irish Dance Championship and North American Irish Dance Championship qualifiers



North American Nationals:
Abby Cosart, 8th (world qualifier) 
Daragh O'Hare, 13th

Oireachtas Rince na Cruinne 2018 (All Irelands):
Una O'Hare, 23rd (soft shoe)



Oireachtas Rince na Cruinne (Worlds):
Cameron Carlson-Riddle, 5th (podium finisher/World medal holder)
Abby Cosart, 33rd (recall medal winner)

North American Nationals:
Abby Cosart, 10th (world qualifier) 
Cameron Carlson-Riddle, 5th (world qualifier)
Daragh O'Hare, 5th (world qualifier)

Western Region Oireachtas (Regionals):
Abby Cosart, 2nd (world qualifier)
Daragh O'Hare, 2nd (world qualifier)
Cameron Carlson-Riddle, 2nd (world qualifier)
Jaiden Griffin, 4th (world qualifier)
Una O'Hare, 7th (world qualifier)



Oireachtas Rince na Cruinne (Worlds):
Cameron Carlson-Riddle, 10th (medal winner)

North American Nationals:
Cameron Carlson-Riddle, 6th (world qualifier)
Abby Cosart, 17th (world qualifier)

Western Region Oireachtas (Regionals):
Cameron Carlson-Riddle, 2nd (world qualifier)
Abby Cosart, 4th (world qualifier)
Daragh O'Hare, 3rd (world qualifier)
Jaiden Griffin, 4th (world qualifier)